Random Plasma Glucose Test

The random plasma glucose test is a simple Blood sugar test. You don't need to fast for the RPG, which means if can be taken even if you've just had something to eat or drink. This is usually performed in the emergency room or when a doctor does not want to wait to have a fasting blood sugar test performed.

The test is simple and can be performed in the hospital or doctor's office by taking a blood test and having the levels analyzed by a laboratory. Results are usually processed within 24 to 48 hours if they're being sent out to an independent lab. Hospitals can get a reading much quicker. A normal Blood glucose level reading, without fasting first, of under 200 mg/dl is considered normal. At that point, if symptoms are present, the doctor will begin looking at other reasons for the illness. However, a level of over 200 mg/dl, especially with symptoms of frequent urination, excessive thirst, etc. will indicate a strong possibility of diabetes.

One testing alone will not prompt the doctor to diagnose a person with Diabetes.

Another test will be performed on a different day and the levels will be compared. Also, two other tests called fasting plasma glucose test, and oral glucose tolerance test will be performed and the levels evaluated.